Saturday, September 5, 2009

We are family, all 29 of us

This is my immediate family and their's. Dad and Ginnie are in the middle! There is actually 29 of us in this family photo, we were missing my sister's son and his family and 2 spouses, 6 missing all together! But here we all that were at the beach are!! The whole shibang!
This is my friend Debbie and me, she always goes to the beach with my family, an honorary family sister. A real good friend.
This is my sister Debbie's family, minus the 2 oldest's spouses.
This is me with the my sister Debbie's 3 youngest boys, Dan & the twins, Aaron & Andrew.
This is me with my sister Vicki's middle 2 daughters, Beth and Brianna.
Beth & Brianna
My sister Vicki & Hubs, Joe.
Vicki's whole shibang, kids & grandkids. Joe's son Joey and his family couldn't make it to the beach this time.
Vicki's oldest, Jordan & Hubs Lee.
Jordan & Lee's family
Sarah, Debbie's oldest and only girl with her friend, another honorary family sister, Mandy.
Me, Sarah, & Mandy

Me & Sarah, her hubs John couldn't make it to the beach this time. Hence the 1st missing spouse.
This is me with Debbie's oldest son, child #2 David. His wife Carissa also couldn't make it to the beach, hence the 2nd missing spouse.