Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just the rambling thoughts of a random blogger

Here are just some of "MY" rambling thoughts for the week! I am AMAZED at God's AWESOME power to be in COMPLETE control of all mine, & every one else's daily intricate lives! As I grow & get older (behave yourselves :-) be nice!), I am becoming increasingly more aware of the "going's on" around me, the day to day *wink Vicki * lives & how "life" will continue to go on till the return of Christ!! There will continue to be people growing up, getting married, having babies, sicknesses, & yes even deaths daily. There will continue to be wonderful people who are all about thinking of how to bless others & bless Father God!! Also, yes, not so wonderful, selfish people who think only about themselves & don't care who they hurt in the process as long as they get what they want out this life, till Christ returns for His bride!! That part is quite sad to me & I am sure it is even more sad to Jesus!!
But as we get much closer to the return of Christ (I believe it will be very very soon) life will continue to go on! Do we consider as we go through this life here on earth, that this life is just temporal & the real life, the life with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ & Our Father God, is yet to come? Are we being about our Father's business & winning souls to Him, Jesus Christ? Or are we concerned about ourselves & how to further our own kingdom here on this temporal earth? Please if you have not already done so, ask Jesus into your hearts and give HIM control of your life here & in the next!!! Jesus loves you so much that if you were the only person alive, He would have still been beaten & gone to the cross & given his life to die for your sins!! It is totally worth it, giving Him your life & control of your life, totally worth it!!!!! satan is real people!! He is ALL about stealing & killing & destroying you!! If I didn't have my Father God & Lord Jesus Christ to help me through this last year, with everything I have gone through, I might just have shriveled up & died!! It has been a hard year, a year of a unemployment & lot of personal hurt and growth for me! But I needed to go through it to come to the other side!

I want to again ask you this question: If Christ should return this very moment to take His Bride home with Him, will you be in that number?
ARE YOU READY TO MEET YOUR MAKER?? He is coming sooner than we all, even me, expect!! Please be in that number, be ready!!



Friday, May 29, 2009



Thursday, May 21, 2009

My shocking discovery

Yesterday I went to a large, local grocery store chain and had a big shocking discovery!! I went up to the service desk to ask them to scan my card to see how much savings I had in fuel perks (gas savings). They were in the process of registering an elderly man to be able to cash either a check or his paycheck at the grocery store. They were SCANNING both his index fingers TO REGISTER his fingerprints!! He had no problem doing so. You can no longer, at least at this store, the rest to soon follow I am sure, cash a check without first scanning your fingerprint to which will be kept on an electronic file!!!!! BIG BROTHER IS SURELY WATCHING!! This I fully believe is the prelude to the mark of the beast spoken about in Revelations in the Bible!! I asked the manager that was being trained how long they had been doing this procedure? He said "it is fairly new." I then made the comment that Big brother was on the horizon and surely watching now and ALL he could say was "it will be okay!!" I went there to get a prescription filled and was talking to the cashier in the pharmacy and she said " They have all my info anyways, what's the big deal?" It is just amazing to me that people out there think this will build our safety and security in this country and it is "NO BIG DEAL". I am NOT a fan of the entire country going "digital" either, that is only 1 month away. The Global forces are already trying to implement a one world currency to go into effect next year, as early as January!! Watch out cause it will only get worse from here on out!!! This just tells me Jesus is coming back for His church a whole lot sooner than anyone expects!! ARE YOU READY?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

David Garibaldi Portrait of Christ

This is cool! It stops about 1 1/2 minutes in, but watch to the end it is worth it!

Friday, May 15, 2009


I copied and pasted this from my sister Debbie's blog! ARE YOU READY TO MEET YOUR MAKER??

"In the 1990s sometime, I heard Jack Hayford share a vision God gave him. Jack Hayford has had very powerful things happen in his church & he is an amazing man of God. He was preaching about how close we were to the coming of the Lord. He shared how God showed him in a vision Jesus ever so slowly rising from His Throne to get His bride. As He was rising to stand, the folds in His robe straightened out with the anointing oil flowing from those folds down to earth. I believe Pastor Hayford told his congregation that there would be one last outpouring before Jesus came. And that time was then."

"Somewhere between 2005 - 2007, either at a prayer retreat or at one of the "Secret Place" services that my old church used to have, the Lord gave me a vision. I looked up into heaven & saw Jesus at the door of heaven sitting on His stallion. His horse was agitated, pacing back & forth. They both were waiting for the command to go."

"Tonight my boys told me that Brent (their youth pastor) told them of a visitation. A good friend of his told him that an older lady friend had related a story that happened to her recently. She told him that as she was driving home, she saw a hitch hiker. Normally she wouldn't pick up such an individual, but she felt compelled by God to go ahead & pick him up. As the man got seated he told her, "His lips are on the trumpet!" She asked, "What did you say?" Again he said, "His lips are on the trumpet!" & with that he disappeared! Concerned, she went to the nearest police station & related the story to the officer there. He then proceeded to tell her that she was the 6th person to report that same sighting!!!!"

"Everyday, almost every hour, end time prophecy is being fulfilled. I feel like I am reading the Bible as I open my newspaper each day. I know we are so incredibly close to the returning of our Lord!!! What are we going to do with the short time we have left?"

This is from me, Jacque....I have a minister friend who recently had a dream, she says she never remembers her dreams. She say my Ladies Prayer group of women were walking in towards a crowd, against the flow. She said all we kept asking is "Are you ready?". She woke up with such an urgency to ask everyone "Are you ready?" and that Jesus is coming back real soon! It's time to be about our Father's business! Are you ready?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ancient Times part 2

Cousins going horseback riding between 1979 & maybe 1981, not sure of exact year.

Fall 1978 right after Deb and Scott got married
Cousins at family reunion with Grandmother and Granddaddy January 1981. Also below this is 3 generations and Debbie was pregnant with Sarah beginning of generation # 4. Now Dad and his siblings are 1st generation and Jordan's soon to be 5 kids are 4th generation

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's day

Happy Mother's day to all the Mom's out there! Have a very blessed day! Demand breakfast in bed! You deserve it!! And I hope you never forget to Dance! Dance! Dance!!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ancient Times

This is me right after they brought me home from the hospital. November 1966. My sister Vicki's profile on the left, Grandma Thill holding me, oldest sister Debbie, brother Craig, & Mom. ( sorry, this one is out of order, I realized after I finished I forgot this one! Sorry! )
This is my Mom, Grandma Thill, Grandpa Thill, & Uncle Pete at Grandma and Grandpa Thill's Wedding. Around 1954-1955.
This is both parents set of parents. Grandaddy & Grandmother Blocker & Grandma and Grandpa Thill at my parents wedding 1956.

This is my parents wedding cutting the cake in June of 1956. My parents divorced in 1978 and my father remarried. The one below is also their wedding and wedding party. My Aunt Betsy and Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Pete were in the wedding.

This is my mother Peggy in California, age 4. This picture was colorized. I think my sister Debbie favored my Mom a lot growing up.
This is my Mom somewhere between age 11 and 13. I see myself in this picture of Mom!
This is Mom as an older teenager.
This baby picture is my Dad in 1931.
This handsome man is my Father Cecil.
This is my parents and Grandma Thill right after my parents wedding 1956. I think they are at Ohio State University. * GO BUCKEYES!!! *
This is me! Wasn't I a cutie! *Wink Wink * Age 3 months I think.
Me again! 2 years old! This is the ONLY time you will EVER see my belly!

My brother Craig age 4 and me age 3 ( I think )Don't you love his face! LOL His son Caleb could be his twin!
Me, Craig, Vicki, & Debbie right before we moved into our house in Pleasant Hills, PA where Craig and I grew up.
This is my senior High School picture in the fall of 1984 right before I turned 18.

Well here we are, enjoy!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lifehouse's Everything Drama

This is a very moving realistic video, I thought I would post it on my blog. Let it minister to you!