Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Sunday


The Vensel family
Me and my little Divalina....Angelina!
Shelly and I at church, she was really tired from being up all night dying eggs.
Chrissie and I
Alexa and Angelina, Cousins ... Angelina is NOT a happy camper!
Uncle Drew and Alexa
Mama Phyllis
Brothers Drew and Brett
Little Drew at Mrs. Kregenow's ready to pounce on the hunt for eggs!!
Let the hunt begin!

Grandma K explaining something
Katie and her beau Mike
Scott, Deb's hubs and his brother in law Bill.
Dan playing ball after dinner. It was a great and beautiful day. God is AWESOME and service was awesome! All in all a great day.

Walk down memory Lane

This is a view down my street I grew up on from where I waited for the bus in H.S.
This is the tree at the house next door to the house I grew up in. This is the house my parents built in 1969, My brother Craig and I grew up here. My sisters lived mostly their teen years here. The doors were burnt orange, awful!

This is the Arboretum right next to the house on the Left. Craig and I walked down this path to Elementary School everyday.
It was not this built up and nice when I walked it, it was a mud path.
The back yard was a steep hill.
Looking up the hill to the back of the house. The new owners built out the back porch some. Very nice.
Side view, Craig's and my bedroom windows. Debbie and Vicki were downstairs.

I have a lot of memories in this house. We left and sold it in 1981 and Mom and I moved to the state of California. Debbie was newly married, Vicki had her own apartment, to marry the next year and Craig moved in with Dad and Ginnie.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fashion Bug fashion show

I am waiting in the back for the show to start.

This is the 1st outfit. Blue jean capri's, Blue top with silver studded butterfly, white button up top, blue purse. My own black sandals and my blue earrings. I made the earrings, of course:)
This is Sabrina, her 2nd time modeling in the Fashion Bug fashion shows. Her 1st outfit.
Right before I walk down the " Runway "

Me and Sabrina right before walking down 1st outfits.
Starting to walk down.
Coming back up to change to 2nd outfit. She caught me as I was saying something.
Walking down the " Runway " in 2nd outfit.
2nd outfit. Fushia pink top with silver brotch, black flowing pants. My black pumps, my black earrings I made. I was able to buy this outfit at 40% off for participating in the show. That is the " Pay " per say.
Again, she kept catching me just as I was saying something. LOL
Sabrina's 2nd outfit. Her Mom was taking pictures.
Sabrina coming back up " Runway " in 2nd outfit.

Sabrina going to the back.
Sabrina and I after coming back in 2nd outfits.
All 7 of us after the show outside. The wind was blowing pretty harshly.
This is all of us with our hair in our faces, LOL...This is like my 10th fashion show with Fashion Bug. There is usually an equal number of adult women and teen girls, pretty much same females everytime, regulars you might say. But this time I was the only adult woman and the rest of them were teen girls. Sabrina and I were the only " experienced " in this one. I had fun anyways. Hope you enjoy. Remember to leave a comment! Bye, God Bless!