Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Matthew West - The Motions

This video is awesome! It really ministers to me! It make me really think! Am I all talk or will I walk the walk!! God has really been using me to minister to people with broken heart and broken souls! He has really broken my heart to enlarge it and make it stronger! He often uses me to tell people how much He loves them and has NOT left them! How He will Never leave or forsake anyone, especially me! To everyone out there who is struggling and just wants to give up, DON'T! Jesus loves you and He can carry you through ANYTHING!! His shoulders are so much bigger than ours! He can carry ALL your burdens if you let him!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Think Spring dinner dance 3-14-09

Youth works at the dance!

Mamma Peggy
Tony and drew ready for the skit they are in with Pastor John

The 1st skit of 5 for the night. "Date Night"

Jono and Matthew doing their skit, " Climb every mountain"
Don and Josiah " Dreams "

Pastor John along with Tony and Drew doing the most hallarious skit " I am a promise with a capital P" He was in a wall cut out of a little girls body! He was absolutely hallarious, everyone was laughing so hard!

Watching the 5 skits!

Tony and Drew after skits dancing with the kids.
Me and my date! Liam!
Miss Fiona Mae! I said to her " Smile" She responded " I AM SMILING!!" LOL

We ate at 7pm, took about 45 minutes or so. Then we had 4 skits and 1 song sang. The skits ended with Pastor John's lip sinc of " You are a promise with a capital P. " with Drew and Tony lip sincing along with P. John. While Don and Bob were the feet for P. John's cut out....This little girl had very hairy legs! LOL.....It was so hallarious everyone was cracking up and screaming, you go P. John! ONLY MY PASTOR WOULD GO THERE!!!

Orchard Christian Fellowship Think Spring dinner dance decorations

The utilities coverage donation table
The left side of the buffet counter
One of the 2 bows on front of Buffet counter
Right side of buffet counter
Table decorations
Buffet Counter

Ceiling hangings
I bought everything to decorate, Shelly helped me put it all up.
The dinner dance was 3-14-09 at 6pm, Theme "Think Spring". I picked up Shelly and we went to the church Friday afternoon and decorated. Everyone said it looked beautiful. I had the previous post Singles conference to get to Friday evening and Saturday all day. So We had to decorate Friday. I used Pastel colors, butterflies, Green grass colored table clothes ( thanks Angelina! ) and butterfly ribbon to decortate! When I think of Spring, I think butterflies, pastel colors, and flowers galore!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Singles Conference, March 13 - 14, 2009

This was registration, meet and greet.
This was the battle of the sexes! We crushed the men!
Debbie Schrum, Susan Menegheni, Sharon Ross, Christina Walko
We broke up into small groups to discuss

Catered lunch on Saturday afternoon
Sharon Ross
Christine Walko
Conference was at William O'Flarety's church, Abundant Life Church in Uniontown, PA
Some of the ladies at the conference......Jaana is 6'9" beautiful women!
Basketball during break after lunch Saturday afternoon

Some more of the ladies.
The conference was taught by Pastor Allan Clark from Singles Focus Church in Morgantown, WV

Me and Sharon at the end of the conference.

It was a good conference and all had a nice time networking and learning to be the best Single for God we all can be! Friday night was a meet and greet night. We played battle of the sexes, which the women crushed the men! LOL & learned about body language. Then Saturday after breakfast was 6 different sessions from learning if you were a beaver, otter, lion, or golden retriever ( I am a mixed breed, beaver/otter ) to learning about how to have a Godly marriage if God provides for that to be in your life, with a catered lunch to boot. All in all very nice and informative. There were about 30 people from the tri state areas.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have been tagged by my niece Jordan! I am supposed to find my 6th picture from my 6th folder that I posted way back last year when I started this blog! My 6th post had no pictures, so I will just post my 6th picture in the 4th folder, which is the 6th picture on my blog. So here you go! This was me and some of my friends at the retreat in the last weekend in October last year, 2008.

I tagged everyone on my blogs list
Have fun!