Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Matthew West - The Motions

This video is awesome! It really ministers to me! It make me really think! Am I all talk or will I walk the walk!! God has really been using me to minister to people with broken heart and broken souls! He has really broken my heart to enlarge it and make it stronger! He often uses me to tell people how much He loves them and has NOT left them! How He will Never leave or forsake anyone, especially me! To everyone out there who is struggling and just wants to give up, DON'T! Jesus loves you and He can carry you through ANYTHING!! His shoulders are so much bigger than ours! He can carry ALL your burdens if you let him!!


Vicki said...

Great message! Something to be challenged by.

Debbie said...

That was a good video. Its a song that put words to my heart, & the struggle that I face all the time. Thanks for posting it!

Jacque said...

I posted this video in hopes it would minister to someones heart, glad to do it! GOD IS AWESOME!