Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Think Spring dinner dance 3-14-09

Youth works at the dance!

Mamma Peggy
Tony and drew ready for the skit they are in with Pastor John

The 1st skit of 5 for the night. "Date Night"

Jono and Matthew doing their skit, " Climb every mountain"
Don and Josiah " Dreams "

Pastor John along with Tony and Drew doing the most hallarious skit " I am a promise with a capital P" He was in a wall cut out of a little girls body! He was absolutely hallarious, everyone was laughing so hard!

Watching the 5 skits!

Tony and Drew after skits dancing with the kids.
Me and my date! Liam!
Miss Fiona Mae! I said to her " Smile" She responded " I AM SMILING!!" LOL

We ate at 7pm, took about 45 minutes or so. Then we had 4 skits and 1 song sang. The skits ended with Pastor John's lip sinc of " You are a promise with a capital P. " with Drew and Tony lip sincing along with P. John. While Don and Bob were the feet for P. John's cut out....This little girl had very hairy legs! LOL.....It was so hallarious everyone was cracking up and screaming, you go P. John! ONLY MY PASTOR WOULD GO THERE!!!


Vicki said...

Nice pictures -looks like you had alot of fun. It was a busy weekend for you. I remember when Brianna would say that of so familiar remark "I am smiling" Good memories!

Debbie said...

Looks like a great fun evening! You must have been tired by the end of that week end, but a good kinda tired.

Jacque said...

I was pooped and I had a bit of a melt down the next day! LOL.....Face down on the floor at church the next day! Well I was being ministered to by the Holy Spirit....rug burn! LOL

The Arnold Family said...

Looks like fun.

Aaron aka BK said...

haha, i like those ties those guys are wearing.