Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sorry I have not posted anything recently!! My sister keeps telling me I need to update you all!! Since I started my new job at the beginning of November, I have just been so busy with work that I am just to tired when I get home to do much else! My only 3 days off are filled with catching everything up! I work Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, 4 ... 10 hour days! I am spent on those days when I get home and on Thursday all afternoon I go to my ladies prayer group (I hate missing this). So I only have only Thurs morning and Saturday to get things caught up, of which I am doing laundry as I type this! ;-) And Sunday of course is for church and my church bowling league!!
So what has been going on lately ..... hummmmm let me think!! OH YEAH!!! I won a pair of tickets to go to the Casting Crowns "Until the whole world hears" concert this Saturday!! So this Saturday I will be getting ready and going to downtown PGH for my very 1st EVER concert!!!
I am soooo excited!! I can't wait!! I have been trying to post the Casting Crowns "Until the whole world hears" video from YouTube, but for some reason it says it is posting it, but it does not post??? I will TRY to remember to post how it went next weekend!! (No promises, I may forget) Talk to you all later! I pray you all have a great God blessed day and weekend to come!!