Thursday, November 24, 2011


I want to say Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I want to also say a very special Happy Thanksgiving to all the service men & women who are far from home & unable to celebrate Thanksgiving with their loved ones!! Thank you for your unselfish service to our country so we can maintain the freedom to be able to continue celebrating all the holidays!! God Bless you & thank you very much!!

Thanksgiving Medley

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Technology abounds, gagets galore

* * * STEPS UP ONTO MY SOAP BOX * * * I am just amazed at how much technology has evolved over just the last 20 years!  20 years ago hardly anyone had a cell phone or Gameboy or ipad! People weren't locked into 2 year contracts to cell phone or satellite TV providers! I mean really, just 20 years ago it wasn't even that common for everyone to have Satellite TV ( The DVR just amazes me! You can pause or rewind live TV!!) or a Cell phone! Now they are everywhere & it is a lot less common for someone NOT to have satellite TV or at least a cell phone! Kids today see a rotary phone & say "what is that?" I heard someone say their daughter saw an older land line phone (the kind that has a cord from the phone to the base of the phone) & said "look Mommy, that phone has a leash! That was funny I admit, but kids today don't know anything but cordless phones & cell phones! Some families don't even have a land line phone & only have cell phones! Their kids don't even know what a land line phone is! I have heard of kids as young as 8 years old having their own cell phones!! COME ON PEOPLE, what 8 year old needs their own cell phone! Parents say things like I have to be able to reach them in case of an emergency! I really don't think that is the total truth! What did parents do to find or reach their children 10 or 20 years ago when they "wanted to get hold of their child"? I think it is just easier to give in! A lot of parents don't know how to or even want to say NO to their child when they are begging them for something!! I am so sick of this American mentality of "Keeping up with the Jones"!! Children in today's society need to learn that they have to earn things in life! It is not good if you give a child everything they want & they work for nothing!! That just makes them feel they are entitled & they don't need to work for what they want! America has  created a very spoiled generation with very foul mouths & a complete lack of morals!! This generation acts like they are owed everything & if they want it, it should just be given to them! If you say you can't afford it, they often say just put it on your credit card!! They don't have any kind of real work ethic or morals at all! Mind you, I have had to ask for some things too. But if I don't NEED it, like fixing my car or paying a bill, I do not get it!! For the same reason, I do not have any credit cards!! Also
we have become a completely non social, texting society! I mean come on! I have had a child text me when I am sitting right next to them!! I see kids texting or using their Gameboys & not paying attention in Church or at a social event, being completely non social! How are these kids going to learn the social graces needed when they grow up to be able to function in society if their faces are always in their Gameboys or texting!! I feel if a child wants a cell phone, they need to be at least 12 years old & only have basic talking & texting. When they turn 16, they can get a job & contribute to the bill. I don't think they should have the internet on their phone either, because I feel the internet needs to be monitored until they turn 18!! That teaches them responsibility! Everyone also seems to have a Facebook or Twitter & Email accounts! I feel the same about social networking! Facebook & Twitter & Emails need to be monitored until they are 18 too! What about all this "Cyber, Email, Twitter, & Facebook bullying" It is way to easy with all this technology for kids to really hurt other kids! I keep hearing about kids committing suicide because they were being bullied through the internet & they just couldn't take it anymore!! Somehow the parents don't even know about it or if they do, they think it will just pass over!! Just because you don't like someone, that NEVER gives you the right to bully them!! If you don't like them, just stay away from them!! Computers should NEVER be in a child's room!! It needs to be in a room in the middle of the house where a parent can see what their child is doing!! Also parents need to know all these chat shorthands so they know what their child is saying!  If you know your child is a bully & you do nothing, SHAME ON YOU!!!!! Cyber bullying & just plain bullying of any kind has become an epidemic in this country & it needs to be STOPPED!!! A lot of times technology is a good thing! But equally, if not monitored, it can be a really bad thing!! PLEASE be active & aware of what your kids are doing, saying & who their friends are!! It could mean a life!! PLEASE teach your children values, morals, & a good work ethic!! It is not necessary to always be keeping up with the Jones!! The Jones can't even really keep up with "the Jones" anymore!!
Lastly, I just have to add this!! All the boys & men who are wearing their pants buckled below their butts!! STOP IT!! That came from the prisons! It means a male inmate belongs physically to another male inmate!! That is just ignorant & plain tacky!! Girls & women stop showing your everything to everyone!! I do not want to see anyone's butt, boobs, belly, bra, underwear, or thong (how people can wear those is beyond me! They are so uncomfortable!!)!! I do not want to hear your bass or music, especially with the lyrics in secular music today!! I do not want to hear you rev up & race your car up my hill or anywhere else!! We know you are there! I do not want to hear your child screaming just because you said no to them in the store! Do not just continue shopping, letting them scream, forcing the entire store to listen to it for hours!! Take them outside or to the bathroom & calm them down!!* * * OK STEPPING DOWN OFF SAID SOAPBOX * * * Phew, I guess I needed to vent!!