Thursday, April 16, 2009

Walk down memory Lane

This is a view down my street I grew up on from where I waited for the bus in H.S.
This is the tree at the house next door to the house I grew up in. This is the house my parents built in 1969, My brother Craig and I grew up here. My sisters lived mostly their teen years here. The doors were burnt orange, awful!

This is the Arboretum right next to the house on the Left. Craig and I walked down this path to Elementary School everyday.
It was not this built up and nice when I walked it, it was a mud path.
The back yard was a steep hill.
Looking up the hill to the back of the house. The new owners built out the back porch some. Very nice.
Side view, Craig's and my bedroom windows. Debbie and Vicki were downstairs.

I have a lot of memories in this house. We left and sold it in 1981 and Mom and I moved to the state of California. Debbie was newly married, Vicki had her own apartment, to marry the next year and Craig moved in with Dad and Ginnie.


Debbie said...

It was a good walk! Nice day to do it on too. I'm glad the newer owners have spruced it up. And it's nice to see that the Arboretum has been updated!

Vicki said...

memories of that house....sigh... Seems like lifetime ago. thanks for posting them. everything looks a little different on the street.