Monday, May 4, 2009

Ancient Times

This is me right after they brought me home from the hospital. November 1966. My sister Vicki's profile on the left, Grandma Thill holding me, oldest sister Debbie, brother Craig, & Mom. ( sorry, this one is out of order, I realized after I finished I forgot this one! Sorry! )
This is my Mom, Grandma Thill, Grandpa Thill, & Uncle Pete at Grandma and Grandpa Thill's Wedding. Around 1954-1955.
This is both parents set of parents. Grandaddy & Grandmother Blocker & Grandma and Grandpa Thill at my parents wedding 1956.

This is my parents wedding cutting the cake in June of 1956. My parents divorced in 1978 and my father remarried. The one below is also their wedding and wedding party. My Aunt Betsy and Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Pete were in the wedding.

This is my mother Peggy in California, age 4. This picture was colorized. I think my sister Debbie favored my Mom a lot growing up.
This is my Mom somewhere between age 11 and 13. I see myself in this picture of Mom!
This is Mom as an older teenager.
This baby picture is my Dad in 1931.
This handsome man is my Father Cecil.
This is my parents and Grandma Thill right after my parents wedding 1956. I think they are at Ohio State University. * GO BUCKEYES!!! *
This is me! Wasn't I a cutie! *Wink Wink * Age 3 months I think.
Me again! 2 years old! This is the ONLY time you will EVER see my belly!

My brother Craig age 4 and me age 3 ( I think )Don't you love his face! LOL His son Caleb could be his twin!
Me, Craig, Vicki, & Debbie right before we moved into our house in Pleasant Hills, PA where Craig and I grew up.
This is my senior High School picture in the fall of 1984 right before I turned 18.

Well here we are, enjoy!


Christine W. said...

Muchos simpatico! very nice. Please send me this music. love it.

Kelly H. said...

I was looking through your blog at all your pictures. You were a cute baby! I didn't know you grew up in Pleasant Hills. Did you go to TJ for high school then? That is where I went. Oh well I had a long day today. We are having a mother daughter banquet at church tomorrow and I went to help set up. Moving tables is tough! Talk to you later!!!

Vicki said...

I havent seen some of those pics in a looong time. I need copies. I dont have any of mom young like that. good memories. ps you were always so cute!

Debbie said...

A walk down memory lane. You 2 were cuties! Our grandparents were very attractive people in their day. Like the post.

The Arnold Family said...

Ive seen these before. Love looking at old pics!!!

Shelly L. said...

What a beautiful page! It's nice to see you shared your pictures. You have a beautiful family!

Lisa S. said...

Jackie, I like all the old pics u put on there of you and your family. I;m sure you have many fond memories, of the by gone days. Take Care! God Bless!