Thursday, May 21, 2009

My shocking discovery

Yesterday I went to a large, local grocery store chain and had a big shocking discovery!! I went up to the service desk to ask them to scan my card to see how much savings I had in fuel perks (gas savings). They were in the process of registering an elderly man to be able to cash either a check or his paycheck at the grocery store. They were SCANNING both his index fingers TO REGISTER his fingerprints!! He had no problem doing so. You can no longer, at least at this store, the rest to soon follow I am sure, cash a check without first scanning your fingerprint to which will be kept on an electronic file!!!!! BIG BROTHER IS SURELY WATCHING!! This I fully believe is the prelude to the mark of the beast spoken about in Revelations in the Bible!! I asked the manager that was being trained how long they had been doing this procedure? He said "it is fairly new." I then made the comment that Big brother was on the horizon and surely watching now and ALL he could say was "it will be okay!!" I went there to get a prescription filled and was talking to the cashier in the pharmacy and she said " They have all my info anyways, what's the big deal?" It is just amazing to me that people out there think this will build our safety and security in this country and it is "NO BIG DEAL". I am NOT a fan of the entire country going "digital" either, that is only 1 month away. The Global forces are already trying to implement a one world currency to go into effect next year, as early as January!! Watch out cause it will only get worse from here on out!!! This just tells me Jesus is coming back for His church a whole lot sooner than anyone expects!! ARE YOU READY?


Vicki said...

scary for those who dont know Him yet-exciting for us!

Debbie said...

Jesus is coming very soon! Sooner than I think most people think!!! Including a lot of Christians.

Andrea said...

Jacque, first I want to tell you that your blog is absolutely beautiful. The green is so pretty and calm and feminine.

Next, I am astounded about the fingerprinting! It's just one more step toward our rapture! Praise God!

You have an awesome ministry with your blog. Continue in the faith. I know God is going to bless you for your love and boldness!

In Christ's Love,


Jacque said...

Debbie and Vicki, I agree whole heartedly! I personally can't wait to be with Jesus!!

Andrea, 1st off, Nice to meet you! 2nd, Thank you for taking the time and commenting on my blog! I definitely appreciate everything you said, thanks so much!! Please continue to comment! God Bless you always!! Debbie and Vicki are my sisters, they have awesome blogs too.

I am so blessed to know people are viewing my blog from all over the world and it ministers to them. My blog is here to minister to the masses (and tell a little about my life ;)too). I live to get the word out about my Lord Jesus!!

The Arnold Family said...

It is was is supposed to come...