Friday, May 15, 2009


I copied and pasted this from my sister Debbie's blog! ARE YOU READY TO MEET YOUR MAKER??

"In the 1990s sometime, I heard Jack Hayford share a vision God gave him. Jack Hayford has had very powerful things happen in his church & he is an amazing man of God. He was preaching about how close we were to the coming of the Lord. He shared how God showed him in a vision Jesus ever so slowly rising from His Throne to get His bride. As He was rising to stand, the folds in His robe straightened out with the anointing oil flowing from those folds down to earth. I believe Pastor Hayford told his congregation that there would be one last outpouring before Jesus came. And that time was then."

"Somewhere between 2005 - 2007, either at a prayer retreat or at one of the "Secret Place" services that my old church used to have, the Lord gave me a vision. I looked up into heaven & saw Jesus at the door of heaven sitting on His stallion. His horse was agitated, pacing back & forth. They both were waiting for the command to go."

"Tonight my boys told me that Brent (their youth pastor) told them of a visitation. A good friend of his told him that an older lady friend had related a story that happened to her recently. She told him that as she was driving home, she saw a hitch hiker. Normally she wouldn't pick up such an individual, but she felt compelled by God to go ahead & pick him up. As the man got seated he told her, "His lips are on the trumpet!" She asked, "What did you say?" Again he said, "His lips are on the trumpet!" & with that he disappeared! Concerned, she went to the nearest police station & related the story to the officer there. He then proceeded to tell her that she was the 6th person to report that same sighting!!!!"

"Everyday, almost every hour, end time prophecy is being fulfilled. I feel like I am reading the Bible as I open my newspaper each day. I know we are so incredibly close to the returning of our Lord!!! What are we going to do with the short time we have left?"

This is from me, Jacque....I have a minister friend who recently had a dream, she says she never remembers her dreams. She say my Ladies Prayer group of women were walking in towards a crowd, against the flow. She said all we kept asking is "Are you ready?". She woke up with such an urgency to ask everyone "Are you ready?" and that Jesus is coming back real soon! It's time to be about our Father's business! Are you ready?

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Debbie said...

You need to let people know somehow that the last paragraph is from you not me. Maybe put quotations around mine.