Saturday, March 27, 2010


I just have to take this time to vent on some subjects that are really bothering me!! This world is just a sad state of affairs we live in today!! We, as a whole DON'T VALUE life, young or old, born or unborn!! We don't value the sanctity of marriage and family!! We don't value leadership and positions of authority!! We SURELY DO NOT value our Father God or the Lord Jesus Christ, let alone the church as a whole!! All this world seems to care about is ME ... ME ... ME ...ME ...ME!! I AM TIRED OF LISTENING TO ALL THE FOUL MOUTHED PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO USE SWEAR WORDS EVERY OTHER WORD!! I know it is out of lack of respect for themselves or anyone else!! BUT the "F" or the "B" bombs are just completely INAPPROPRIATE and UNNECESSARY and need to be ELIMINATED from EVERYONE'S vocabulary!! I work as a Customer Service Representative, the one you call when you are having trouble with your services. IT IS NEVER APPROPRIATE to call us names, swear at us, scream at us, or say foul things to us because you are in a bad mood, having a bad day, or having problems with your services!! That DOES NOT make us want to help you!! It makes us want to ignore your request or problem and hang up on you!! I believe the old saying goes, you get more from using honey than vinegar!! If you are respectful to us and don't yell or call us names, you get get a lot more accomplished!! If you can refrain and wouldn't say it to your mother or your Pastor, DON'T SAY IT TO ME, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!!! I will give you the basic respect you deserve till you abuse it or me, then I am done with you!! THIS GOES DOUBLE & TRIPLE FOR ALL THOSE OUT THERE THAT CALL THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS AND CLAIM THE LORD JESUS IS THEIR SAVIOR!! WATCH YOU MOUTHS!!

* Stepping down from my soap box now, thank you for listening! *


Debbie said...

Lol! Feel better now?

Just to center you a little, that's what they did to Jesus & He said nothing back ... remember? I know you hear it every day & I know it wears on your soul, but Jesus did say to turn the other cheek. Just think when people start in on you...Jesus died for them too & hopefully that will help you.

Jacque said...

I know and it does help...but I just have to vent from time to time! It is EXTREMELY DRAINING and venting helps clear things!Thanks for reminding me!!

Anonymous said...
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