Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas Eve Service 2010

This is Mark. He & I sang a duet,The First Noel for our church Christmas Eve Service. I can not get the video to upload at all! Sorry! After trying for 2 hours I just gave up!

                                                    Pastor John Custer, our Pastor.
                                                    Caleb & Tara, brother & sister.
                        Santa showed up after service! That's me & Trudy, a friend.
                                                   Santa & Grandma Proprosky
Santa & his elves!
                                                     Santa & Alexa & Angelina


The Arnold Family said...

Looks like a wonderful service. We didn't make it to ours, I was sick. :(

Vicki said...

we dont have one for Christmas eve-so it is pretty laid back when we dont. Yours looked wonderful. The church looked beautiful.

Debbie said...

I was coming home that evening so I didn't make it to ours either. I'm glad one of us made it to church that night! You did a fabulous job from what I saw on Facebook.