Thursday, August 27, 2009

Peppertree 2009 part 2

Brianna, my niece and Tavi my great niece.
My nephew Dan
My niece Annalise
My brother Craig building a fort.
My sister Vicki and Step Mom Ginnie.
Annie and Tylee with little Nissi
Tylee and Annie
Sarah and Tavi at the pool at night.
Vicki and her grandson Royce
Annie getting a horseback ride from Angela, Craigs 3rd, his youngest girl.
Cousin Eugene Jr. and his 4 kids, the last 3 are triplets.
Group pic
Annie and Jordan's 4, minus Nissi
Cousin Eugene and Betty and Grace
My niece Bethany and Annalise, Great nieces Tavi and Nayah
Royce flying!

Nayah and Big sister Tavi!
Me, Vicki, and Honorary sister my friend Debbie S. in Beaufort, NC

Cousin Lisa doing her best impression of little Nissi!
My nieces, sisters Jordan and Bethany.
My brother Craig hates talking on the phone, so Grace and I decided to torture him by calling his didn't work, he was fine! LOL
My nieces, sisters Bethany and Brianna
I am starting to see a theme here, My nieces, sisters Annalise and Bethany! LOL
My niece Sarah holding Nayah.....Don't you just love those big blue eyes!!
Me and Royce. I caught him in a good mood!
Me and my sisters, Vicki and Debbie.
Me holding Nissi
Me and Nayah! More to come later, I had to do these pic, which are only half in 4 seperate posts. Part 3 and 4 and family pics to come next week!


Vicki said...

love the pictures! ahhh.... to be with everyone-God is so good!

Debbie said...

Hmmm, I recognize some of those pictures. It all went way toooooo short. How about 2 weeks next time? Anybody with me?!

The Arnold Family said...

Good to see these all again.

Aaron aka BK said...

good times!

Jacque said...

I am right there with you Debbie!