Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A thought for Christmas

I have some thoughts I would like to share with you all about the true meaning of this Christmas season. Really how we should ALL be through out the years to come. I am a born again christian and I believe with all my heart and soul that the TRUE meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! The love of Jesus should be TOP priority this season, and year round!!
Recently on Black Friday, of this year 2008, a 34 year old temporary sales clerk working for Walmart for the Christmas season in Long Island, New York was killed and as many as a dozen people knocked down,
4 of whom were injured enough to have to go to the hospital, one was 8 months pregnant. This man whom left his family greeving, was stampeded to death by a crowd of atleast 200 that were waiting to get in the store and buy their stuff and get a deal. This man was KILLED and died a very painful death, because several out of control, GREEDY, frenzied people wanted to get inanimate objects that are here today, gone tomorrow before anyone else got them!! No shopper even stopped to help any of them up or see if they were ok (obviously he was NOT ok)!! When Walmart tried to close and asked people to leave due to the tragedy, people kept shopping stating I have been waiting since early morning, I am not leaving without my stuff! When is it EVER right for someone to die (ANYONE'S LIFE IS SO MUCH MORE VALUABLE than any inanimate object) or even be injured so someone can get a Wii or a 50" TV at a reduced rate before someone else gets it!! This true story breaks my heart! I hurt for that family that now associates Thanksgiving with his death!! THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE FOLKS!!!!
Thanksgiving, Christmas, the entire holiday season, if nothing else should be about love, friends and family, celebrating life and Jesus!! Please keep everything in perspective as we approch tomorrow being Christmas eve and Christmas!! Please value life so much more than any inanimate object!!!!! Remember when you go out shopping tomorrow and the day after Christmas, Looking for that great deal, be respectful of others! They are just as important as you are in God's eyes! He loves them JUST AS MUCH as He loves you!! Let the Elderly have that close parking space. Don't steal a parking spot right out from under someone who has been waiting on it. Don't push someone out of your way, let the other person have the inanimate object they want,
if it is that important to them! Nothing is worth a human life being lost! NOTHING!!!!!
As I close this personal thought, I want to wish everyone a great and very merry Christmas and a very very blessed and prosperous New Year, 2009! Remember, Jesus is the REAL reason for the season! God Bless You all and I love you all!! Please leave your comments and let me know how you feel.

This blog is NOT to be used as a forum for anything nasty, rude or foul!! I am QUITE prepared to delete any comment I deem to be nasty, rude, foul, or have swearing of any kind! Please be respectful!! Thank you very much!

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good thoughts -I agree-vicki