Friday, December 19, 2008

The year for Jacque in review

Merry Christmas everyone! I thought I would blog my Christmas letter this year to let you all know what has been going on in my life this past year. Well I started out the year still working for the call center, PRC on the DirecTV account as Customer Sevice, billing, and Customer Installation. In mid February PRC filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We were advised that nothing would change and our jobs were secure, but this did not turn out to be the truth. DirecTV pulled out of the call center and as of April 30th, we were no longer on the account. A lot of us did work a 2 week temporary account, Pitney Bowes, which handled the Postage rate change for businesses. But as of May 13th, 2008, I was laid off. They did not have a shift available on any other account for me to transfer to this time. I have been looking for employment, but have not been able to find anything due to the bad economy. Keep me in prayer please since unfortunately I am still unemployed, but I trust God will make a way for me soon!
I did move in mid June to a much smaller apartment where I had to downsize and get rid of about two thirds of my stuff. I can walk my apartment from 1 end to the other in about 20 seconds! Now that is small! I moved to an apartment where I had 3 Jamaican men living across the hall. They were nice men here on a work visa. They have all since gone back home to Jamaica as their visas have all expired at the end of November. I now live up here alone. I have no upstairs neighbors, only downstairs. It sure is quiet! All in all, it is a much nicer apartment and a much quieter neighborhood. I love it. I did have a 3 and a half month relationship, but that was not meant to be and he was NOT the one for me!
As you are reading, I have started a blog about my life too. Please leave a comment at the bottom of each entry where it says post a comment and let me know what you think! I also started a Facebook account this year! It makes it easy to talk to friends and family and stay in touch.
God has been with me through all the ups and downs this year. I went to an awesome Ladies retreat with my church and ladies from several other churches in late October, God really moved and healed a lot of broken hearts that weekend! God seems to really be placing women with broken hearts on my heart and in my spirit to really pray for them. Who knows, maybe it will be my ministry?
Things at my church have been good. I decorated the church fellowship hall for the Fall Harvest Dinner Dance we had, and I am helping organize the Ladies Fellowships monthly get togethers.
I thank God for He has really blessed me with a great group of friends, some old and some new! Thanks for being there for me, I LOVE YOU ALL DEARLY !! Well as I end this letter, I pray that the Lord be with you and give you all a very blessed and prosperous 2009!! God Bless you all! I love you all dearly!! Also Please remember to pray for the next President, Barak Obama for wisdom in the next 4 years to come! Also Remember to pray for the economy too.
In the word of a little boy, I believe his name was Tiny Tim, God Bless us all, everyone!! Have a great 2009 everyone!!

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