Saturday, February 28, 2009


I was reading Beth Moore's blog, linked here on mine if you'd like to check it out. I believe it is her daughter who does the blogging. Well she asked people who read her blog to sum their lives up in 6 words and leave a comment to such on her blog. Well she has inspired me to request the same! I am interested in seeing if you all would like to try this also?! So I am requesting that you all who read my blog scroll to the bottom of this post, click on "Post a comment" and in the box try and sum up your life up in 6 words. Then go to the section under the box and click on and put your name in the section that says name and post your comment!

This was my post on her blog:

Blood Bought, FORGIVEN, Sanctified, Born Again!
With God ALL things are possible!
Holy Spirit shall forever guide me!
God will meet ALL your needs!
Victorian Style, MY way of life!

Examples from her blog:

Mama to four, wife to none.
Loving this life, waiting for next!
Life is messy, pass the mop.
From trash to treasure through Christ!
Solo no more, two become one.
Bumpy road, kissed toad, recovery mode! ( My favorite, I love it!! )
Fear NO longer rules my life!
Still trying to get it right!
Pre Schooled, Pre Teen, Pre Menopause!

Let's see what you all can come up with now! Feel inspired! Can't wait to see them!


Vicki said...

my Life's disappointments become God's appointments

Shelly said...

Old soul, Mom to Many, Loved!

Maryann said...

Diehard Steeler fan to the end!

Debbie said...

Humbled and blessed by His righteousness!

The Arnold Family said...

All of those were way over 6 words... My life in 6 words?

Uneasy, Shaky, unfinished, blessed, full, loved.

The Arnold Family said...

You've been tagged!