Monday, June 15, 2009

God gave me a desire of my heart

I want to share how God very lovingly gave me a desire of my heart and provided for the entire thing!! This will be long, so bear with me, it is totally worth the read!! This past weekend my friend Shelly and I went to the Beth Moore conference in Pittsburgh, PA. I have wanted to go to a Beth Moore conference for quite some time now and this was the 1st time they were coming to Pittsburgh. Beth Moore is a totally anointed teaching speaker to women. Both my sisters went to her conference when she was in Louisville, Kentucky and said they were totally blessed by being there and that it was totally anointed!! Tickets cost around $60 and at this present time, being that I have been unemployed now for 13 months, I just couldn't afford that. I never thought I could go, so I tucked it away in the back of my mind and forgot about it! WELL GOD DID NOT FORGET ABOUT IT!!! God remembers the desires of our hearts, even if in the grand scheme of things they are relatively small desires, they are important desires to God!! He desires to bless us!! This is how I know not only was I meant to be there, but my friend Shelly was meant to be there also!! 1st I was blessed with 2 free tickets to the entire conference, a $120 value!! I have Beth Moore's blog linked to my blog. Her ministry was giving 10 free tickets to the conference to the 1st 10 women who called a number posted on her blog. This all happened REALLY FAST, I called the number on Thursday afternoon, the conference was the next 2 days, Friday and Saturday! I spoke to a very nice woman who informed me she thought they had already given all the tickets away, but took my phone number anyways. So I forgot about it and went to my ladies prayer group. I got home and there was a message on my machine to call this lady back right away. I called and she said they still had a few tickets and I could have 2, I had previously told her I wanted to take my sister Debbie, but had forgotten she was going away for the weekend. So I asked if I could take my friend Shelly. She asked me if Shelly was a blogger, I said no, but that she would really be blessed to go, she needed this!! The ministry wanted to give these tickets to only women who blogged, but she said let me ask and put me on hold. Well I was on hold for about 3 minutes and she came back. She said the team felt they should make an exception, so I would have 2 free tickets waiting for me at the door! I was SO excited! 2nd, Shelly's Mom lives 20 minutes from the conference center and said we could spend the night at her apartment and that she would watch Shelly's 2 children for her. That soooo saved on time and gas! We live over an hour away from the conference center! 3rd, parking was supposed to be $10 a day for people attending the conference. Shelly paid the $10 for Friday, and I was supposed to pay the $10 for Saturday. Well parking ended up being free Saturday. Shelly wanted to bless me again and would not let me give her half of the parking for Friday night! 4th, we had great seats, we were 3rd row back from the stage BOTH DAYS!! 5th, Beth spoke on the perfect Storm. How when you can have your own storm going on in your life, sometimes even 2 storms and someone pulls you into their storm, how they can all collide and create a perfect storm!! She was as she kept saying throughout the conference "Bird dog on point"! She spoke right into what was going on in both our lives and we were both so blessed and learned from the Lord as she ministered to us both beautifully!! 6th and Last but certainly not least, I thought it would cost around $20 in gas to go this weekend, so I put that much in my gas tank. I did not think I could afford even the gas to go to the conference, but I knew Shelly and I were meant to go and be there, so I gave it to God. I told Him I knew he would take care of it somehow! Since we stayed at Shelly's Mom's, it ended up costing around $10 in gas. While we were leaving the conference I opened up my purse to get my keys out and found $20 sitting on top of my wallet!! I have an idea who put it there, I believe this woman sitting behind me was listening to the prompting from the Lord and put it in my purse, but I am not for sure. I am taking it as straight from God!! I felt lead to buy a teaching CD as we were leaving and going down the stairs!! The $20 covered the gas and the CD I bought!! This entire weekend conference did not cost me a thing, God provided for it all!! We were so obviously meant to be there and it was so a God thing that God worked it all out and provided for every aspect and financial cost for the entire weekend!! It would not have all fell into place and worked out as well as it did if anyone else had gone with me!!! God is so faithful and awesome!! I love You so much Lord! Thank You Jesus for giving me this desire of my heart, and blessing me in the process!!!!!

Pictures of this weekend and explanations are in the next post below! May God Bless you all, Richly!!!!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed ur story....same type thing has happened to me God and HIS kindness toward His children. I'm wondering if u took notes and if so could u post them...sounds like a teaching I need right now.

Debbie said...

That is neat! God is wonderful isn't He! I knew that I wasn't to be there, but you definitely were. Praise God!

The Arnold Family said...

Let it just be a reminder of what God really does think of you. Even in the midst of all the turmoil. :)