Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My dream job

I have been really praying about where God wants to take my life and what kind of job can I do well. How can I apply my dreams into a job? I want to make sure I don't step out of the Lord's will for my life! I want my life to be a ministry for the Lord! I want to always honor Him in all I say and do!
My dream job would be a wedding/events planner. With a side job of selling my jewelry I make, online. There are a few things I know I am good at. I am good at getting donations. I have been quite successful at this when I go around the valley and get donations for the church chinese auction fund raisers which I have done for several years. I know I am also good at decorating. I get lots of compliments on my apartment being nicely decorated and feeling cozy. I have helped people in the past to do their small weddings and they came out nice. I am aware of what it would entail to set up and start a business of being a wedding/events planner. I am a smart woman and I think if I had the resources and the vendors, I could do it quite well. I love to be able to help people make their day a spectacular event and day for all involved and attending these functions! I am also good at making jewelry, I have been complimented on the many earrings and necklaces I have made for myself. Anyone out there in the area need a wedding/events planner, let me know, maybe I can help and I am reasonably priced! LOL * Wink Wink * Around the holidays, I would love to go to people's houses and decorate their houses for them, and Christmas trees and all!
I am praying if this be God's will that He make a way and open doors to be able to do this and get the resourses and vendors needed to succeed! But I also pray that if this is just my desire, and not the will of God, He close the doors and it just doesn't happen in Jesus name I pray, Amen!! It is in your hands Lord Jesus!!


The Arnold Family said...

Excited to see how it all unfolds!

Karen H. said...

Neat looking blog!! You do have a flair for decorating there! Too bad we can't do cyber decorating. LOL