Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Perfect Storm by Beth Moore

Here is some of the teaching by Beth Moore, summerized from my notes! A few of you requested I post this, so here it is.

The 7 points of the perfect storm, going through them and emerging on the other side with your faith still intact.

1. "Sometimes we are in the spot where several storms collide!" You can have 1 or more of your own storms going on in your life & someone tries to pull you into their storms! Keep up the courage, none will be lost! Acts 27:13, 21-26 & Eph 6:10-20 (The Full Armor of God). Schemes have a method, their name is satan, We are in a battle between good and evil! Let God fight the Battle through us & for us!
2. The question of fault always arises in a storm! What did I do to deserve this, Why is am I being punished?
3. The titanic temptation is to give way to the storm & let is blow us back! John 3:8 We need to remember God is holding us through these storms He can use a non christian as well as a Christian to teach us or to bless us, to help us emerge through these storms!
4. To make it through these storms, we may need to cut some ropes! Sometimes carnal things, sometimes people that are hindering our growth and walk with the Lord! It may be permanent or just for a season. God will let you know!
5. Our lives can invite the favor of God to many! We can be a testimony to other by how we choose to go through these storms!
6. On the other side of the perfect storm, the destroyer is ALL bite and NO venum! satan can not do anything to us God does not allow! If you are going through a "Perfect Storm", there is a reason! Seek God for the answers!
7. The point to every perfect storm is to see the works of God in us UNHINDERED!!

What we need to remember as we go through these storms of life is that we have the power of the Holy Spirit to help us through them! God will never leave us nor forsake us, He gives us that promise in His word!! He is not letting us go through these storms alone! He is right there beside us, or even carrying us through the storms of our lives! We may have to go through these storms in life for a season, but how we choose to handle them may cause us to either go through them quickly or take longer. Are we going to trust God to use us & carry us through them, knowing He will somehow get us to the other side, having learned what we need to learn, having a closer trust in & walk with him, or are we going to let the storms overtake us & push us backwards & cause us to lose our blessings & hinder our walk with the Him? Thus probably causing us to have to go through a similar or even worse storm again! The choice is ours!!

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Debbie said...

These are good notes! Thank you for sharing them.