Saturday, October 3, 2009

3 Pony Express museums on the Pony ExpressTrail and Weston, MO

This is the view of the Pony Express Trial from the car as we were driving it.
Pretty rock formation on side of the road.

Everywhere we went we kept seeing this crop of golden yellow! Not sure what it is, but it sure was pretty!
This was the first Pony Express museum in Hanover, KS

The one in Hanover, KS was established by the Hollenberg family.

This was the actual Hanover, KS Pony Express.
This was the Pony Express museum in St. Joseph, MO

This was a quaint little town of Weston, MO

The highways of both KS and MO were just covered in wild sunflowers! Kansas is the sunflower state! They were everywhere!!
I took this picture of the clouds while we were driving, this has not been enhanced! This is the way the camera took the picture!! Cool huh!


The Arnold Family said...

The blog looks great!

Vicki said...

love the new look!

Debbie said...

That was so neat that you got to go see all that! I like the new look too.