Monday, October 5, 2009

Temporary loss of a great Godly man

This is Gene, wife Chrissie, Daughter Jessie, Grandaughters Fia & Regan
Gene's suprise Birthday Party this past year

Yesterday the Werre family and the Orchard Christian Fellowship Church congregation lost a great Godly man, a teacher for the Lord, Gene Werre!! But he is not lost forever, just temporarily on this side of eternity!! He has changed addresses and has gone onto Glory to be with our King of Kings, our Lord of Lords, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!!!! He is worshiping the Holy Father with the Angels now!! He has, I am sure, collected his many crowns to lay at the Father feet, and is now living in his mansion of gold!! I for one and I know others too, are looking forward to when we will see him again in Glory with my Mother, My Grandma, Stephen Proprosky, Jerry Filla, Alice Kelly, and many many more!! Gene you will be sadly missed,but NEVER forgotten!! PRAISE GOD you have recieved your healing and are transformed before the Lord of Hosts!! See you when we all get there Gene!!

I pray a special blessing on the entire Werre, Custer, Cribbins & extended family as they go through this time of grief and hardship! Holy Spirit please surround and comfort the entire family during this time, in Jesus name I pray, Amen!!


Vicki said...

Im so sorry-but you pretty much said it all. This is not our home we are just passing through. Our citizenship is in heaven. He has gotten his reward and God will strengthen those still on this journey, this side of heaven. The more people that pass the sweeter heaven gets. I believe in somehow in Gods own plan He meant for it that way.

The Arnold Family said...

:( Things like these are hard. I'll skip the bit that we all know about seeing him again. Right now Im just sorry for the temporary loss for his family. :(

dek42857 said...

What a great tribute Jacque! And that is a great perspective! Let them know that I'm sorry for their loss & will be praying for them.