Saturday, October 3, 2009

Country Club Plaza in Kansas City

This is the outdoor restaurant that we had brunch at. Individual coffee carafes with flavored coffee! Mine was Raspberry Mocha! Can you say Yuummm-ooooo

Kansas City is the city of fountains, and they were everywhere for sure! Country Club Plaza is a beautiful city that was rich with spanish/mexican inspired architecture! So beautiful!

I love the way the clouds showed up in this photo! Sometimes my camera just takes the most interesting photos!

This was in an indoor mall. Again, Yummmmm!

This was taken in an elevator for the hotel that was in the same building as the mall. The City of Kansas.
That circular building on top of that building to the left was a revolving restaurant.

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Debbie said...

This is a beautiful little community! You got great pictures! It look like a beautiful day.